Wool Cocoon
Wool Cocoon

Birth Poster 50 X 70 cm

This timeless and poetic personalized poster celebrates the birth of your baby!
A life-size silhouette (1:1 scale) captures the magical, emotional moment when you first met your child!
Every birth poster is made to measure and customized with baby's name and birth information, including: date of birth, length and weight. Choose from 5 colors, 3 backgrounds and 2 positions.
This symbolic and original creation has been designed, personalized and printed in France with love.
A beautiful gift idea that will add a unique touch to baby's room or your living room!

Poster size 50 × 70 cm (19.7 × 27.5 in)
Sold without frame
Measurements :
50 X 70 cm
Type :
Angel caller comforter
Price :
Less than 60 Dollars
Colour: Pink
Background: Vegetal
Position: Love

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