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" La vie peut se montrer parfois un peu stressante, quand j'entends le doux son de mon Bola je me rappel de ce qui est vraiment important : mon petit bébé dans mon ventre. "

What makes you a joyful mother-to-be?

I have one beautiful daughter already and I cannot wait for her to meet her sister and for us to experience those special first years all over again.


What do you like the most about being pregnant?

Feeling my baby move and picturing her little hands and feet.


What do you find the hardest about pregnancy?

The pressures on my body, I am living off Gaviscon this pregnancy.


What do you miss the most while pregnant?

Drinking wine with my friends and eating brie, especially at Christmas just gone.


One thing you couldn’t leave without while pregnant?

My sleep pillow by Dream Genii.


A surprise related to pregnancy you didn’t expect?

Strangers are much nicer to you – as soon as they spot the bump you become a VIP its fabulous.


What would you like your daughter to learn from you?

Confidence and compassion.


What is your favorite moment of the day while pregnant?

When I finally sit down in the evening after putting Vivienne to sleep and cooking the dinner… that’s when I really feel all her little movements and get to think about what’s to come.


Could you describe your pregnancy style in 3 words?

Exhausting, Exciting, Entrancing.


What is your top tip for other pregnant women?

Take every opportunity you can to have some quiet time. With my first I left work a month before my due date and although I was worried I would be bored it was the best month. I planned, I got excited, I nested, I excercised and I rested. When Vivienne finally arrived I was ready.


You are wearing an ILADO pregnancy necklace. Can you share your experience about it?   

The sweet chime is the loveliest reminder to be joyful… life can get pretty hectic and when you hear the soft sound it takes me back to what’s important – my little baby within.


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Vos Témoignages Nos ambassadrices

"C’est un bonheur de porter mon Bola et de partager ça avec mon bébé ! Je pense même le coudre dans le doudou de ma fille pour continuer à la bercer."

Vos Témoignages Nos ambassadrices

"J'adore ce petit son de clochette qui résonne au gré de mes mouvements. C'est très agréable et apaisant, ce son me permet de me connecter à ma petite fille durant la journée et me fait sourire."

Vos Témoignages Nos ambassadrices

"Je sens que bébé est très réceptif, il donne des petits coups bien francs lorsque je fais rouler le Bola sur mon ventre. J’aime le fait d'avoir un “outil” de communication entre lui et moi!"

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