Gemstone Drop Pendants


At ILADO, we want you to experience a sense of serenity and a deep connection with your baby throughout your pregnancy. The harmonious chime of our maternity necklaces will help you to relax and form a bond with your baby while awaiting the wondrous moment of birth.

To further enhance this experience, we invite you to discover the beneficial properties of 7 natural gemstones that can be used every day to complement your chiming Maternity Necklace.

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Composition : silver or gold plated brass, natural stones
Measurements : height: 10mm

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Gemstone Drop Pendants

Gemstone Drop Pendants

You're expecting? Congratulations! It's time to style your bump and bond with your growing baby by wearing a maternity necklace.
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Lithotherapy is the art of using stones and crystals to improve health and well-being. Each stone emits its own unique vibration according to its color, internal structure, trace elements, formation and hardness. Since each stone has its own vibration, it allows us to come into contact with its specific energies to create a personal connection."

Johann Chevillard, lithotherapy expert


If you are having trouble choosing between two stones, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “What do I need right now?.
You will find the answer in one of our 7 gemstone drop pendants.


Stone of emotional balance

When we experience emotional stress or take things too personally, amazonite allows us to calmly step back and see or consider a situation more objectively. It helps us to let go of negative feelings while listening and connecting to those around us...and our inner world. ThThis is a wonderful stone for an expectant mother to wear every day.


Stone of communication

Its gentle vibration promotes fluid and sincere communication by helping us to find the right words and use them with tact and sensitivity. It is the perfect stone to give us the courage to express our true feelings. It allows us to communicate with others, but also to listen to ourselves, while respecting our own needs. Angelite also soothes the mind by dissipating intrusive unwanted thoughts.


Stone of freshness and openness

Chrysoprase provides an invigorating breath of fresh air to help us remain centered in the heart and listen to our deepest and most sincere aspirations. It also promotes spontaneity and simplicity in discussions, which greatly facilitates communication. A beautiful stone of the heart to discover.


Stone of protection

Labradorite has long been known and used as a protection stone and is reputed to absorb stagnant and disruptive energies. It is also a very good anchor stone, keeping us grounded to the earth in order to preserve and protect our personal energy and make us readily available to our loved ones.


Stone of stability

With its subtle shades of light brown, smokyky quartz brings strength and stability, while providing a sense of calm. If you tend to have your head in the clouds, smoky quartz is a beautiful luminous stone that will help you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Simple to obtain, with effects that are easy to feel, smoky quartz engenders peace and harmony in everyday life.


Stone of tenderness

Rose quartz is a stone of infinite softftness that reassures us and leads the most soothing energy to the heart. It brings calm to our emotional and intimate world with its subtle vibrations and helps to alleviate sorrow or heartache. It is also a stone that strengthens the natural bond of love between a mother and her baby.


Stone of femininity and intuition

Moonstone grants us the ability to explore our femininity and to live in harmony with ourselves and others. It is a beautiful stone that enhances openness and tolerance, leaving us free and willing to embrace new ideas and the subtle information that surrounds us. Moonstone promotes spontaneity and fosters the development of emotional intelligence, allowing us to better understand and manage our emotions on a daily basis.

In the beginning, it is best to wear only one drop pendant in order to feel its unique and specific energies. Later on, you can try other possible combinations. Here are three which we recommend:

rose quartz and amazonite for a complete balance of the heart, achieved by a combination of tenderness and openness.

smoky quartz and labradorite for stability and to remain firmly grounded to the earth.

angelite and moonstone to express femininity with tact and fairness.

In any case, avoid wearing more than three stones at a time because the energy flow would be too powerful for your body. Simplicity is always best!


In the morning, before wearing it, sit comfortably and breathe slowly and calmly, then hold the stone in your hand. Embrace and welcome any sensations, images or feelings that may arise. Talk to your stone or ask it to use its unique properties to support and guide you through your day. Just 2 or 3 minutes will suffice to create this bond with your stone.

During a break or a quiet time, place one of your hands on your belly to connect with baby and, with the other hand, gently squeeze the gemstone. Visualize the energy of the stone, starting in your hand and then radiating up your arm, into your body, providing you with all its beneficial properties, and extending into your belly where your baby can also feel this positive energy.

In the evening, while taking off your gemstone drop necklace, make sure to thank it for supporting you by offering a gesture or word that is meaningful to you.


To maximize the energies of your gemstone drop pendant, it must be purified and recharged once a week.

The easiest way to do this is to place coarse salt into a cup, cover it with a cloth, then put the drop pendant(s) on top. The salt will absorb unwanted energy within a few hours.

Discard the salt immediately after purification. Then place your stones on a window sill for one or two hours to reboot their energy before wearing them again. The ideal time to recharge them is early in the morning or at the end of the day when the sun is not so strong that it could damage your stones.

We advise you not to purify the gemstone drop pendants by cleansing them with water because this could cause the silver or gold mounting to oxidize.

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By repeating this ritual on a daily basis, you will create a sound imprint of love and well-being for yourself and your baby.

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Daily life is sometimes stressful, and when I hear the soft chime of my maternity necklace, it reminds me of what is really important – my little baby growing inside of me.

Ashley - London

Every day, I take a few minutes to rock my baby to the rhythm of my pregnancy necklace. This is a moment of calm and relaxation that I simply cannot do without.

Cecile - Luxembourg

I hung the necklace above my baby’s cradle. When he is fussy, I roll it in the palm of my hand and it works like magic!

Lauriane - Paris

Often, my older daughter shakes the harmony ball close to my belly to say hi to her baby brother. It’s very touching to see this bond forming between them.

Emily - New Zealand

Product reviews

Catch a glimpse of what our users feel and share your own thoughts about Ilado Maternity Bell Necklaces below!

Maïlys L

Bravo !

Le bijou idéal !! Bravo

Aurelie F

Complètement fan de ce bijoux !

J'ai découvert la marque sur Instagram il y a 1 an. J'avais hâte de tomber enceinte et de porter un de ces magnifiques bolas. Je porte tous les jours le bola Ginkgo depuis mes 3mois de grossesse, j'en suis à 6mois

Constance R

Un bijou d’exception

Découvert par Instagram il y a 2 ans, j’ai commencé par offrir le bola Joy à ma sœur pour sa grossesse.
A l’annonce de la mienne c’est mon conjoint qui m’a offert le U, une merveille, un vrai bijou, il est beau, simple mais tellement raffiné. On me complimente toujours dessus et je compte bien le garder comme sautoir après la grossesse pour le porter avec le sautoir que j’ai commandé au père noël ...

Merci pour cette découverte et toutes les belles choses que vous créez.

Marie E

Le Must Have pour sa grossesse

Un bijoux magique à avoir à partir du 4eme mois de grossesse. Offert par le futur papa, ce bijou est non seulement tres beau, mais il créée également une interractiin avec bébé! Lorsque je le fais bouger, petit bébé s'apaise. Magique!

Sarah M

Choix du coeur: meilleur des bolas

Le ginkgo étant un symbole me tenant à coeur je ne pouvais pas passer à côté. Je suis très heureuse de mon achat tant par le doux tintement qu'offre ce bijoux à l'oreille de bébé. Mais pas que le cordon de soie est tout doux!! Et délicat merci.

Marine D


Un magnifique bijou que je porte tous les jours depuis que mon mari me l’a offert... son petit son est doux et agréable pour mes oreilles et celles de ma princesse....

Camille L

Absolument parfait!!

Depuis un moment je cherchais un bola couleur doré qui soit fin, élégant et aille avec toutes mes tenues. Puis je suis tombée sur Ilado, sur le bola moon et mon cœur a fait boum!!! Reçu très rapidement, service client parfait. Ce bola est juste magnifique et s’accorde à chaque tenues, à chaque instant. Son doux tintement est à la fois reposant et agréable pour le rituel avec bébé! La chaîne est réglable ce qui est parfait suivant la situation! Si vous avez un doute, effacez le et foncez!!!

Gemstone Drop Pendants

Gemstone Drop Pendants

At ILADO, we want you to experience a sense of serenity and a deep connection with your baby throughout your pregnancy. The harmonious chime of our maternity necklaces will help you to relax and form a bond with your baby while awaiting the wondrous moment of birth.

To further enhance this experience, we invite you to discover the beneficial properties of 7 natural gemstones that can be used every day to complement your chiming Maternity Necklace.

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