GODDESS Jewelry piece and Perfume Gift Box


A unique set to awaken the inner goddess in every woman!
The set includes:
- Our Goddess necklace, Ilado's iconic jewelry piece. Its shape evokes the female symbol, celebrating your beauty, your power, and your creativity as a woman, and the bond of sisterhood that connects you to all the women of the world;
- Our new Déesse fragrance, 100% natural. Its notes of sweet orange, rose, vanilla and cinnamon blend together to envelop you in a sunny, and sensual aura, with a hint of spiciness.
A magical and meaningful gift idea, designed to help you embrace your feminine energy: free, authentic, and creative.


Inside your box

  • 61,99€
    At Ilado, we believe in the beauty and magic of ancestral jewelry. Our “Goddess” necklace is inspired by an African tradition that celebrates the beauty, creative force and power of the feminine.

    Its shape evokes the dolls of the Ashanti people, in Ghana. Originally carved in wood, these dolls were handed down from mother to daughter before marriage. It is said that they promoted the fertility of those who carried and cared for them, and ensured the birth of a beautiful, healthy child.

    As a piece of jewelry, the Ashanti doll is a powerful symbol of fertility.
    This precious talisman supports you in your desire to become a mother.
    It can be given as a symbolic gift to a little girl, or to an older child when she becomes a woman.
    It is also a wonderful invitation to reconnect with your feminine essence, the daily expression of your inner beauty and creative power, and your connection with all the women of the world in a caring sorority.

    A unique creation made with love in France.
  • 53,01€
    Déesse (Goddess) eau de toilette celebrates the beauty and power of our feminine essence. This sunny, sensual and woody fragrance invites us to awaken our inner Goddess: free, authentic, creative, and intuitive.
    A divine essence that connects us to all women, our mothers, sisters, friends, and daughters, in a tender
    and nurturing bond of sisterhood.

    Your wellness ritual
    Spritz your body or the air around you.
    Close your eyes and take four slow, deep breaths.
    Wear this delicate fragrance, featuring notes of sweet orange, cinnamon, rose, and vanilla, to remind you of the truly amazing woman you are.

    100% natural perfume made in France with genuine love and respect for our Mother Earth.