Serene Breastfeeding Gift Set


Because, at Ilado, our commitment is to accompany you every step of the way in your journey to motherhood, we have created the Serene Breastfeeding set.
- Organic herbal tea formulated by a naturopath to provide health benefits and promote well-being. Its delicious blend of fennel, caraway seeds, and nettle leaves helps to stimulate and boost milk production.
- A beautiful floral maternity and nursing blouse in organic cotton. Its feminine and lightweight design, unique one-size-fits-all cut, and easy-access side ties make it the ideal blouse for hassle-free breastfeeding.
The Milky Mama set will help you feel beautiful and serene while nursing your baby!


Inside your box

  • 76,44€
    Our MILKY MAMA blouse was made with love in a French atelier. Thanks to its unique design, it can be worn before, during and after your pregnancy.
    Side openings provide easy access for breastfeeding your baby !
    Crafted from GOTS-certified organic cotton to respect your skin, baby's skin, and our planet.

    Made with love in Paris from organic cotton.
  • 18,56€

    The Ready Mama blend of herbs supports new mothers by promoting serene breastfeeding. It contains fennel and caraway seeds, which naturally increase milk production. After brewing, discover its fresh, delicate aniseed flavor, and enjoy moments of relaxation throughout the day.

    -100% natural and made from organically-grown plants
    -Sugar-free with no artificial flavoring
    - Handcrafted in France
    - Net weight 60 grs (30 mugs)

    Composition: Anise*, Fennel*, Caraway Seed*, Hibiscus*, Nettle*, Coconut*.
    *Certified organic

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