Duo Gift Box


Composition : Eau de Toilette To The Moon; Eau de Toilette Eau Complice
Measurements : 50ml X 2


Inside your box

  • 49,17€
    To the Moon is the declaration of love from a mother to her child.
    A tender and reassuring scented embrace that evokes the soft warmth of those first moments of skin-to-skin contact. Featuring a delicate blend of crisp apple, muesli and almond milk, it envelops mother, child and nursery linens to create an aura of well-being and happiness.
    Made in France with love.
  • 49,17€
    This eau de toilette celebrates the special bond between father and child.

    An airy and sunny top note of bergamot unleashes a whirlwind of freshness.
    The fragrance is softened with a middle note of slightly sweet almond milk, evoking the tenderness of childhood.
    Base notes combine the subtle, delicate scent of white musk with the aroma of cedar, reminiscent of a freshly sharpened pencil.

    This tender and playful fragrance is emotionally charged. It invites dads to enjoy each moment of childhood joy, play and wonder, like a precious gift.
    A fresh, full-bodied fragrance that children will love sharing with dad. Its scent will be forever tied to these moments of joyful complicity.

    Made in France with love.