“The necklace charm sits right at bump level, and it creates the gentle and soothing chiming sound as you move throughout the day. A baby in the womb begins to hear at 18 weeks, and can hear the soft chime every time you move. After the baby is born, the familiar sounds of the chimes are very comforting and reassuring for the baby, reminding it of the safety in its mother’s womb, just like the sound of their mother’s voice. As you feed them, rock them, and bond with them, they will hear that same soothing sound they heard before they were born.

For me, the soft chiming is also a reminder to slow down and be mindful of the whole pregnancy experience, and I’ve been wearing the necklace non-stop since I received it. The style I have is the Joy Pregnancy necklace which has an adjustable silk cord that can be worn shorter after pregnancy (I chose a pink silk cord since I am having another baby girl, and the cords come in 7 vibrant colors).

Besides the beautiful Joy Pregnancy necklace they have some gorgeous pieces like the Uh Pregnancy necklace that also has an adjustable chain length that can be worn shorter after pregnancy. Its name is directly inspired by its shape and by the word Uh, meaning moon in Mayan, a universal symbol of femininity and motherhood.”

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