Joyful Mother Interview: Adrienne, Founder of Stylish Bump

Adrienne is the founder of the great Australian blog Stylish Bump, where she shares new baby tips, pregnancy fashion inspiration, celebrity bumpwatch as well as nursery decor. She is also the mother of three beautiful girls Ava Jane, 5, Sasha Grace 4 and Marnie Kate 1. She shares with us her experience as a mother and her best fashion tips for pregnant women!


What do you like most about being a mother?

A – It changes from day to day; sometimes it’s teaching them things we adults take for granted, like tying a shoelace or how to brush your teeth, other times it’s just simple things like having them cuddle up to me as I read them a story. Most of all it’s having my own little people to teach, love, nurture and watch grow.


What makes you a joyful mother?

A – I try to enjoy the everyday little moments like climbing a tree together at the park, dancing to Taylor Swift in the lounge room or playing dress ups together. I like being guided by the things they like to do and take great pleasure in watching them have fun.


What has surprised you the most?

A – Everyone says this, but probably just how much love I have for them. As they are at different stages of their childhood I love them all equally but they need me in different ways – obviously the baby needs me most frequently, but I need them as much as they need me.


What is your best memory when being pregnant?

A – Definitely feeling their little – and sometimes strong – kicks inside. Feeling a healthy and growing baby develop in your belly is the most magical and special experience a human being can encounter. We as women are so, so lucky if we get to be mothers.


What style of clothing did you love to wear while pregnant?

A – All my girls were born in the Winter months, so I liked wearing dresses with leggings underneath, or long tops with leggings and waterfall cardigans. Dresses were the most comfortable, but I also had a few pairs of maternity jeans I felt very stylish in.


What is the best fashion advice you would like to share with other pregnant women?

A – You don’t have to dress up everyday to feel stylish, and you don’t have to buy maternity clothing either. Look for stretchy long tops, cardigans and cotton dresses, so you can wear them after your baby is born. Invest in some maternity jeans, two or three maternity and nursing tops and make sure you get some good maternity bras!


What is the favorite recipe you like to cook to your daughters?

A – I make a chicken and leek pie with bacon and cauliflower that they love; they eat it all up by themselves, even the baby, and always ask for more so it’s a regular in our house!


What you have learned from them?

A – I love that saying “You Are What You Do, Not What You Say You’ll Do”. Patience. Listening – really listening. Little kids don’t understand multi-tasking – they want your undivided attention and don’t care about anyone else not even each other, so finding time to spend with them individually has been tricky, but I try to always appreciate the little things with them, no matter how mundane they seem might seem, like picking lemons from the tree or playing with Lego. And children model their behavior on you; so act and speak how you want them to act and speak!


What would you like them to learn from you?

A – Good question! That you can do anything you want to do in life. Girls are strong, smart, inspiring, intuitive and determined beings with just as many opportunities as boys, so if you work hard and stay focused you can achieve anything. And that Mummy will always love and support them, whatever they choose to do or become in life, as long as it makes them happy.


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