Joyful Mother Interview: Lauriane, Artistic Director and Blogger, 8-months pregnant

Lauriane is an artistic director in Paris and a stunning mum-to-be who shares her taste for pretty things, decoration and designer jewelry in her lovely blog You May Love It. As she is about to give birth to her little boy, she opens ups about the small joys and discoveries of her pregnancy!


What do you like most about being pregnant?

L – I can finally take some time to do what I love to do! Taking pictures for my blog, spending hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration, discovering new shops to decorate my baby’s bedroom…


What do you find the hardest about pregnancy?

L – I’m frustrated to feel very tired just after a short walk… I am always busy and I love to walk for hours, so ease off the pace has been hard for me since the beginning of my pregnancy!


What makes you a joyful mother-to-be?

L – To finally get to meet my baby boy that I have been feeling in my belly for many weeks now!


What do you miss most while pregnant?

L – It may sounds cliché but it’s true: I miss sushi!


A surprise related to pregnancy you didn’t expect?

L – When the baby hears the voice of my boyfriend, I can feel him jumping in my belly…  It’s amazing to see how he reacts to his father’s voice!


Any advice would like to share with other mothers-to-be?

L – Buy a pregnancy pillow, it’s so comfortable to sleep! And take time to do things you love! I’m sure the baby can feel when his mum is happy! Also, your hair is more beautiful when pregnant, so it’s a good time to go to the hairdresser!


What is your pregnancy style?

L – Before I got pregnant, my style was mainly short skirts and a top, but with my baby bump I now prefer dresses. This summer I loved to wear sailor’s striped dresses and denim dresses. I love Paula Janz creations, her dresses are just perfect for me!


You wear one of our Bola pregnancy necklaces, can you share your experience about it?

L – I had a crush on the Half Gold model when I discovered Ilado Paris collection, and I received it as a gift from my boyfriend. For me, it was really a symbolic pregnancy gift as inside the golden ball there is a little rattle that chimes really softly when I move to soothe and reassure the baby. I wear it all the time, because it’s a beautiful jewelry piece that fits with all my outfits and I see it as my lucky charm. It means a lot to me!


How do you stay in such great shape? Can you share some of your favorite beauty products?

L – I try to rest a lot and to eat a balanced diet. I am vegetarian so I’ve always eaten a lot of vegetables and cereals, which is essential for a pregnant woman. I also walk a lot and I try to swim once a week. About my beauty routine, I’m lucky not to have any hair or skin problems since I’m pregnant, so I’ve kept my usual products: Caudalie masks, Avene and Weleda skin care, and I use Bi-Oil to massage my belly.


Have you started preparing anything for your baby’s room?

L – The baby’s room is almost finished, and I already have a large collection of comforters, patterned blankets, and adorable outfits for my baby boy!

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