Joyful Mother interview: Hannah, 8 months pregnant

  • Hannah McBride

    Hannah McBride

  • Hannah McBride

    Hannah McBride

Hannah McBride is a stunning American blogger, sharing her style and lifestyle on her blog and her Instagram. As she is expecting her first baby (a little boy) in just under four weeks she nicely accepted to share with us her personal experience about pregnancy!


What do you like most about being pregnant?

HM – Honestly, I’ve loved most of it. But one of my favorite things is lying in bed with my husband Nick, and the two of us being able to feel Baby Boy kicking our hands. It has made me feel so connected not only to our little man but also to Nick, my grown up man.


What do you find hardest about being pregnant?

HM – This one is easy… Weight gain for sure. I have felt confident with my baby body, but seeing the scale creep up is hard for me.


What do you miss most while pregnant?

HM – Also easy. Margaritas and mojitos. Now that it’s summer, they’re all I want! 4 more weeks…


What is your pregnancy style and what is the best fashion advice you would share with other women?

HM -Style has been fun with the bump. I am glad that it’s been warm since I’ve popped, because dresses are such an easy way to go. I’ve loved wearing fitted ones, as well as going for a more boho vibe with maxis and loose, short dresses since I still want to showcase my legs. Also, buying regular dresses (non maternity) up a size has worked just fine which saves money, and I’ll be able to wear them after baby too! Win -win.


You were among the first to wear one of our Bola necklaces. Can you share your experience?

HM – I love my Bola necklace! I have worn it so many times (as seen on my Instagram!) since receiving it, and I always get compliments on it. I love the soothing chiming sound it makes, and it elevates any outfit to something a little more exciting. Fitted black dress and sandals? Add the necklace, and I feel instantly more stylish. Which, when I sometimes feel the size of a hippo, and like nothing looks cute on me, means a lot.


Can you describe your daily routine during pregnancy?

HM – I typically wake up pretty early these days. I eat breakfast- usually fruit and yogurt, or a banana and granola with almond milk. Then, my dog demands her morning walk or run. After that, I head to the gym. I love to work out as long as I have variety, so I take different classes every day. I do hip hop, cardio kick box, and HIIT classes ( high intensity interval training). On the weekends, I run a few miles with my husband, or hike in our woods.

Afterwards, I run errands, prep dinner, walk my dog again, and then head to work for the afternoon. I bring fruits and homemade granola bars to keep me from getting too hungry between lunch and dinner.

Now that it’s summer and we have more days free, we spend a lot of afternoons at the pool or one of the beaches close by. I love summer!


How do you stay in such great shape and what are some of your favorite beauty products?

HM – As for staying in shape, I exercise a lot ( as stated above). Also, to deal with cravings, I designate certain days to indulge them. Since pizza has been a major one, my husband and I have a set Friday pizza date night when we go to our favorite local joint. That way during the week when I want it, I remind myself that I’ll get it Friday. On Saturday, we will typically get ice cream, and for the rest of the week I try to eat healthy, whole meals.

As for beauty products, I can thank baby for clear skin. I’ll miss that when he comes! I use mascara and have been loving lipsticks- particularly pinks this summer. And I try to always have my nails painted to help me feel pampered and put together. Essie polish lasts the longest if I remember to wear gloves when I wash dishes…


Have you started preparing anything for baby?

HM – Yes! We are all ready now that we have less than four weeks to go (hopefully!) His room is finished and I love standing in it dreaming of when he’ll be there. His stroller is set up, and our hospital bags are packed! I’m going to start putting aside meals to freeze in a week or two. It’s just a waiting game now! And I am so excited to see his face for the first time, hold him in my arms, and watch my husband melt at the sight of his own little boy. It’s a wonderful time.

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