Joyful Mother Interview: Fanny, designer of the Moodkit and mother of Swann, 11 years-old

  • The French blogger Natacha Birds wearing a Moodkit

    The French blogger Natacha Birds wearing a Moodkit

Described by the blogger Natacha Birds as “the best pregnancy clothing” the Moodkit is a unique concept of flexible pregnancy clothes, both very comfortable and sexy, already approved by more than 40,000 pregnant women in the world, including Jessica Alba and Shakira! We asked Fanny, designer of Moodkit and mother of Swann, 11 years-old, to tell us more about her life as a mum and entrepreneur.


What do you like most about being a mother?

F – It is the bright (and not dark) side of strength! Being a mother is a daily contribution to this world. When you become aware of that, you understand why education and culture should be the two pillars of our nations.


What has surprised you the most?

F – Well, I think it’s the love that you receive in return. My son is now 11 years old and the end the Oedipus will arrive soon… So I treasure these last hours of unconditional love.


What is your best memory when being pregnant?

F – It was a long time ago, but I remember it as a time of fulfillment. I was living every moment in “augmented reality”. I was myself +++ … I had more certainties, more doubts, more strength, more ideas … I had probably more love!


What style of clothing did you love to wear while pregnant?

F – I hated all the maternity wear brands… I felt they wanted to sell me orthopedic clothes … The Obelix trousers! Awful! So, I wore my own clothes wide open which was very uncomfortable. But that’s how the idea of Moodkit was born: I wanted a comfortable and one size clothing that would allow me to wear my clothes opened without showing my bump or buttocks… I created the Moodkit two years later.


What fashion advice would you give to a pregnant woman?

F – To be beautiful you need to feel good about your body … without looking like a grandma in sweat pants … It’s all about nuance and optical effect… To hide your butt, show your breasts! We had to wear shapeless maternity dresses for too long. That’s enough!


What makes you a joyful mother?

F – Watching my son. Listening to my son. Being moved by our similarities and proud of our differences.


What you have learned from your son?

F – My son teaches me to laugh about everything again. Spontaneity, jokes, frivolity, everything that tends to evaporate over the years, my son brings that to me in small daily doses, and he keeps me with him to the realm of childhood.


What would you like him to learn from you?

F – I try to give him confidence. I strive to give him the taste for panache! I try to teach him not to fear failure and not to be afraid of the others.


Can you tell us about the creation of Moodkit?

F – Back then, I was a TV producer and I did not intend to become a fashion designer or entrepreneur. But since I was pregnant and I had the vision of the Moodkit, it drove me crazy that nobody created it. I was regularly looking at American or Japanese sites to see if anyone else was thinking about it, until the day I thought that if I did not do it myself I’ll regret it all my life. I started the next day and it was a success. Three books have inspired me a lot when I created my own company , “The world tour of NBI ( New Business Ideas )” by China Lanzmann, and the biographies of Anita Roddick (founder of The Body Shop ) and Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia).


What does your daily life as a mum and entrepreneur look like?

F – My daily life has evolved a lot since the creation of Moodkit eight years ago… Every year, I make adjustments because every year my priorities are changing. What is important is to always challenge yourself and keep on evolving…


What advice would you give to a young mother and entrepreneur?

F – I have no advice to give except to be flexible and always try to keep a minimum of time for yourself.


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