Joyful Mother Interview: Chrysoline, mother of Garance, 5 months old.

  • Chrysoline de Gastines, co-fondatrice de la marque Balzac Paris et sa fille Garance

    Chrysoline de Gastines, co-fondatrice de la marque Balzac Paris et sa fille Garance

Chrysoline de Gastines is the co-founder of the French brand Balzac Paris, whose sweatshirts illustrated by the name of famous French literature couples have become must-have items. She is also the joyful mother of Garance. She shares with us her new life as a mum and an entrepreneur.


What do you most like the most about being a mother?

CG – To see how I can now marvel at the simplest things like a smile… A baby is sweet, spontaneous. It makes you forget about the frivolous things in life and focus on the essential!


What makes you a joyful mother?

CG – Our new life since we are three, the balance we have managed to build, and the investment of my husband in this new family. I am pleased that Garance is growing serenely and will do my best to ensure it is always the case.


What has surprised you the most?

CG – I come from a family of 5 girls. We have always been surrounded by children and I’m fond of my nieces and nephews. Yet when Garance arrived, I had to learn to become a mother, with all the happiness but also the concerns and the anxieties. I did not think it would be such a learning curve! You can feel the maternal instinct and the love at birth, but you also have to deal with this new role, which is, I think, the most beautiful part of our lives.


What is your best memory of when you were pregnant?

CG – I loved being pregnant! The discovery of my pregnancy was very moving, so was the first ultrasound. Probably the best day of my life!


What style of clothing did you love to wear when pregnant?

CG – I did not wear maternity clothes. I wore a lot of T-shirts or dresses which emphasized the baby bump. I find it very pretty when pregnant women outline their baby bump.


What fashion advice would you give to a pregnant woman? Is there something for them at Balzac Paris?

CG – My Balzac Paris sweatshirt was my best friend! And my “Bisou” T-shirt.  I have no particular advice to give. I think you should follow your desire to feel the best in your body when you are pregnant.


You live in Paris, what is your favourite neighbourhood, where do you like to spend time with your little baby girl?

CG – I love my new neighbourhood (we have moved to the street of Martyrs). There are a lot of trees here which makes me feel that Garance can breathe cleaner air, even if it’s certainly not true!


What have you learned from your daughter?

CG -Patience, without a doubt!


What would you like her to learn from you?

CG – It’s funny you asked that question because yesterday we had fun typing our three names on a website to see the personalities ascribed to names: Victorien (my husband), Chrysoline and Garance. It turns out that Chrysoline and Garance had the same description. I must say she was born the day after my birthday and her star sign is scorpion like me. She looks a lot like her dad physically, but I like to believe that she will have my character.


How do you manage to balance your life between your role as mother and your role at Balzac Paris? 

CG – There are three of us who created Balzac Paris: Charles, our co-founder, my husband Victorien and me. Charles and I are working 100% on Balzac Paris. My husband has kept his other job. This allows us to keep our balance – work / couple / family – it is too valuable. Garance goes to the nursery every day so that I can focus on my work when I’m there and on Garance when I’m at home, even if I often have to work at night when she is asleep.


Balzac Paris offers a new collection every season. Can you tell us about your next collection?

CG – We offer ephemeral collections sold exclusively on our website, they are designed to meet the expectations of today’s women: not too fashion, not too classic, with cool and poetic prints.

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