Joyful Mother Interview: Carole Tolila, mother of edgar, 2 and a half years old

Carole Tolila, crédit photo: Lucy Remy

Carole Tolila, photo credit: Lucy Remy

Carole Tolila is the presenter of the French TV-programme called “Supermaman” (“Supermum”) and she is also the mother of Edgar, 2 and a half years old. She tells us how becoming a mum changed her Parisian lifestyle.


What do you like most about being a mother?

CT – When I see my son looking at me with the eyes of love even when I just wake up!


What makes you a joyful mother?

CT – When I feel I manage to combine my work, my family life and my girlfriends.


What has surprised you the most?

CT – The power of the mother. The first time my son was ill, he calmed down only when he was with me. It’s crazy how we can reassure our babies doing nothing. I finally have super powers!


What is your best memory when being pregnant?

CT – There were a lot of little beautiful moments that made me forget all the difficulties like nausea and having to rest a lot. I particularly liked it when I was editing for the TV-programme I run, and felt my baby moving. The editor did not realise that while we were working, my little baby was communicating with me.


What style of clothing did you love to wear while pregnant?

CT – I really tried to wear the same clothes as before. I was just putting elastic on my shorts when I couldn’t close them anymore! At the end, when I had to capitulate, I wore long dresses with denim shirts. I thought it was cool and glamorous at the same time.


What is the favorite recipe you like to cook Edgar?

CT – Uh … Do you know a recipe called “pasta with butter”?! I suck in the kitchen. It’s my husband who feeds us!


You live in Paris, where do you like to spend time with your son?

CT – I find that the aquarium of Paris is a great refuge when it is cold and you want to do something with your child. It’s easy and not very far from home. However, it’s very expensive.


What are the advantages of living in a big city like Paris when you have a child? The disadvantages?

CT – The advantage is that in Paris you can travel easily. We can escape in France and abroad with direct transport. Disadvantage: Everything is so complicated! We must be organised and always have a plan to be somewhere. It’s really tiring. With a child, I would like to have more flexibility, according to his mood, time, the wishes of the family. But in Paris, it is not possible.


What you have learned from your son?

CT – He taught me that one could cry for an orange!


What would you like him to learn from you?

CT – I would like him to have my sense of family and friendship.


What is your favourite story book?

CT – Lily the Cat – Edition Nathan


What kind of music that you like to listen together?

CT – Pete Yorn / Scarlett Johansson “I do not know what to do”. I sing a duet with my little man.


Between your role as a mother and your daily TV-programme, how do you manage to balance your life?

CT – Being very organised, working at night when Edgar is sleeping, and doing all my lunches in front of my computer. Like many women, I think!


What advice would you give to a mother who is struggling between her work and her role as a mother?

CT – To feel confident about herself.  We never have enough confidence, so I say: “I believe in you mums!”


What do you do to relax when you have a little time for yourself?

CT – Dancing! If I cannot go to a class, I dance in my living room like when I was little!



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