Joyful Mother Interview: Camille, mother of Lou, 1 month  

  • Camille, mother of Lou, 1 month

    Camille, mother of Lou, 1 month

Camille is the founder of Jolis Môments, an agency specialized in organizing events for parents-to-be and kids. One month ago, she gave birth to her little daughter, Lou. Today, she shares with us her new role as a young mother and entrepreneur!


What do you like the most about being a mother?

C – Getting to know Lou a little bit more every day, discovering her character and seeing how she awakens and smiles more and more!


What has surprised you the most?

C – How fast she changes! In 1 month already, she has changed so much! She is bigger of course, and much more awaken to the world. We are told that babies change fast but you only realize how fast when you have one.


What is your best memory of when you were pregnant?

C – I have a lot of good memories as I had a wonderful pregnancy and enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. If I had to choose one, I would say the announcement to Lou’s daddy… It made an ordinary day extraordinary!


What makes you a joyful mother?

C – Knowing that Lou is in good health and so much loved.


What have you learned from your daughter?

C – I’ve learned to be in good mood when I wake up as Lou smiles a lot but especially when she wakes up in the morning! And more seriously, I’ve learned the desire to grow, to evolve.


What would you like her to learn from you?

C – I would like her to follow her ideas and make her dreams come true!


In 2012, after staring a carrier in communication, you became an entrepreneur by creating your own agency « Jolis Moments ». What services do you offer?

C – Jolis Môments is an event agency for expectant parents and kids from up to 12 years-old. I create and coordinate parties such as baby showers, baptism, birthdays… All my events are tailor-made for my clients. I never create the same universe twice!


What are the latest baby shower’s trends?

C – Classical themes are more popular than a few years ago. More animations are organized during the party and it’s not unusual to have men attending the event!


How do you manage to balance your life between your role as a mother and entrepreneur? 

C – The days are always too short, and even more when you have a baby! So far, I haven’t managed to find a balance because I work at home and Lou isn’t at the nursery yet. I work early in the morning and in the afternoon while my baby is sleeping. I think it will be easier in a few weeks!


What advice would you give to a young mother and entrepreneur?

C – With good ideas and a lot of passion you can always succeed! The key is that it comes straight from the heart and that you believe you can do it!


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