Joyful Mother Interview: Orly, mother of Conor, 2 years-old and 9 months pregnant

  • Orly Shani and her son Conor, photo credit: Avia Rosen,

    Orly Shani and her son Conor, photo credit: Avia Rosen,

  • Orly Shani and her son Conor, photo credit: Avia Rosen,

    Orly Shani and her son Conor, photo credit: Avia Rosen,

Orly Shani, the American designer and curator of Tucandwes opens up about her second pregnancy and shares her fashion and beauty advice.


What do you like most about being pregnant?

OS – It’s just such an exciting time! Everyone around you is so thrilled and supportive and they want to help in any way they can, it’s so sweet. It’s also the only time you can ask your husband to leave the house at all hours to go get you ice cream…


What do you find the hardest about pregnancy?

OS – No wine. Ugh, I love my wine and that’s hard to give up! Other than that, my pregnancies have been very easy, which I’m so grateful for. I get intense heartburn which makes it tough to fall asleep but that’s about it.


What is the best fashion advice you would like to share with other pregnant women?

OS – It’s really just about drawing attention to your positive assets, just like when you’re not pregnant.
In the beginning, when your belly hasn’t really popped and you just look like you had a big lunch, you want to wear loose and drapey tops so that you can hide the little pooch. But once that belly has arrived, it’s all about showing it off! Tight tank tops and dresses will display your adorable shape. I wear tighter clothing while pregnant than I normally do because without something to show off your shape, you can just look like a big ole house!


You were among the first in the US to wear one of our Bola pregnancy necklaces…Can you share your experience about it?   

OS – I have never gotten such a positive response about ANYTHING I’ve ever worn. People were obsessed with the look of the necklace and the beautiful purpose behind it. The thought that you are wearing a piece of jewelry that will soothe your baby while you go about your day was so special to people. Many of us are working while pregnant and we can be so consumed with our daily responsibility, but every time I heard the necklace chime or saw it in the mirror…. it forced me to take a minute and think about my little baby girl. I loved it.


How do you stay in such great shape? Can you share some of your favorite beauty products?  

OS – I’m a huge believer in walking! I live in Santa Monica, California and I walk everywhere. It’s all I did to get back into shape with Conor and it’s all I’ve done during this pregnancy. A few miles a day is all you need and it helps relax you as well.

As far as products go, I love First Aid Beauty cleansers and radiance pads. I use Goldfaden MD all natural skin care at night. Dr Perricone has an incredible foundation serum that I use every day as my main foundation. I love Vita Liberata Trystals bronzer and Benefit Gimme Brows.

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