Interview: Marion, founder of Babygreen baby planning agency

  • Marion and the Babygreen team

    Marion and the Babygreen team

What’s more important than you baby’s arrival? What’s more scary too! That’s why, Marion Bernard, a young French mother living in Luxembourg, created Babygreen: a Baby Planning service to live with more serenity your new role as mother, before and after the birth of your baby! What if a good fairy could stand beside the cradle?


Can you tell us about the creation of Babygreen?   

MB – I grew up in France and I now live in Luxembourg where I created Mevengreen, an environment-friendly event agency. In 2013, I gave birth to my twins, Paul and Jules when I was only 25 years old. My family was living in France, my friends and my sisters were not mothers yet. My husband and I felt lonely and lost, with a lot of unanswered questions!That’s when I discovered the job of baby planner and I had the idea of ​​creating Babygreen, my own baby planning agency, to help parents better manage the arrival of their baby, from the pregnancy until the 3 years of the child, avoiding some financial or educational mistakes.


What are the services offered by Babygreen?

MB – We provide a guide to parenthood, through a comprehensive and personal accompaniment, ad hoc consultations or monthly workshops on specific topics.

During the pregnancy, we make a diagnosis with the future parents to help them with their baby shopping list, according to their need and budget. We are negotiating prices for our customers with baby equipment shops.
We also guide future parents to create the best birth plan for them – in Luxembourg they can set out their wishes for labour and birth – and to make their first decisions as parents: breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding ? Nanny or nursery? The couples have many questions, and sometimes do not agree with each other!

Finally, the early years are essential for building the character of a child … Even if I raised my twins in the same way, they have two very different characters! That is why after birth and up to the third year of the child, if the parents undergo difficulties related to education, our network of professionals (psychologists, pediatricians etc.) are at their disposal.


3 key tips for stressed-out moms?

MB –  N°1: Keep things in perspective, the perfect mom does not exist! To grow up well a child needs mostly love and care!
N°2: When facing anxiety or difficulty, do not hesitate to call a professional that will share practical advice to help you improve the situation;
N°3: Trust yourself!

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