How to take care of your Ilado Paris jewelry

ILADO Paris offers Jewelry for the Soul, created to inspire you every day. It is normal for your jewelry to show natural signs of wear and tear. But beyond the little scratches resulting from everyday life that bring an authentic touch to your jewelry, here are 3 simple rules to preserve their beauty and shine!


1 – Avoid chemicals and certain activities.

Chemicals damage jewelry, whatever the metal or stone used.

Be sure to take off your jewelry when you apply makeup, perfume, cream or do the dishes. Avoid wearing them before taking a shower, swimming at the beach or at the pool, doing housework or gardening.

Remove them before participating in physical activity to avoid knocks and scratches.


2 – Store your jewelry separately.

Jewelry is vulnerable while it’s being worn, but it can also suffer damage if it isn’t stored properly. It’s important to store your jewelry so the pieces don’t come in contact with each other.

You can use our ILADO Paris cotton pouch to store your jewelry and provide protection from damage and dirt.


3 – Clean your jewelry.

Silver jewelry oxidizes naturally with air and humidity. Occasional cleaning with a special silver-polishing cloth will keep the silver shiny and remove the oxidation. However, it will not remove scratches. In order to best avoid oxidation, keep your silver jewelry in a closed bag that is protected from the air.

The patina of gold-plated jewelry tends to disappear over time. The speed at which this disappears depends on the way in which the jewelry is cared for. Loss of patina is a normal phenomenon resulting from wear and tear.

To maintain the beautiful shine of your jewelry you can pour a small amount of mild soap into lukewarm water and use a small, soft toothbrush to clean your jewelry. Rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth. This particular cleaning method should not be used to clean jewelry with pearls.


We hope that you’ll find these guidelines helpful and if you have any further questions on your ILADO Paris jewelry don’t hesitate to contact us.


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