Collaboration Ilado X Veronika Gombert

ilado Veronika Gombert

Veronika Gombert, photo credit: James Harris

A young German product designer, Veronika Gombert set up her own design studio in 2013. Reinventing herself through each of her collaborations – whether with famous Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra or English designer Jasper Morrison – her work is characterised by an ambition to improve everyday objects with a highly aesthetic yet resolutely functional approach. With Ilado, she reinterprets the traditional Bola in two exclusive creations composed of complementary aesthetics.


How did you approach this collaboration?

VG – This is the first time I’d ever been asked to create a piece of jewellery – which is probably the most intimate and personal everyday item you could imagine. I decided to work in the same way as I would for any of my other designs. First, I looked into functionality, to ensure the harmony ball’s sound would be present enough to soothe the baby, but discreet enough for everyday wear. Then, of course, I looked at aesthetics, to create a contemporary, amplified version of this traditional accessory, using pared-down shapes, geometric lines and precious materials.


How would you describe this first collection?

VG – The “KIN” model was inspired by the accessory’s Mexican roots. I wanted to create a playful accessory with this movable bola like in a ball bearing, and a solar and vibrant feel, with the glowing gold-plated sphere in contrast with the transparent resin, sanded and polished by hand, which gives it a unique matte finish. The name of this cheerfully expressive and vibrant creation is inspired by the Mayan word K’iin, meaning sun.

For the “U” model, I came across a clamp on my desk, which gave me the idea of creating a U-shape on which to set the Bola. The piece is coated in white, yellow or pink gold, with an elegantly minimalist design playing on visual codes of strength and fragility: an ambivalence that nicely sums up the essence of motherhood! The model’s name is directly inspired by its shape, but also by the word Uh which means moon in Mayan.

A collection composed of two complementary pieces, that I wanted both chic and yet wearable every day.

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