Babymoon: A Honeymoon Before Baby?

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Baby is about to come and your nights are already haunted by midnight feedings, sleep deprivation and the search for the perfect nanny? Before living this big – but fantastic – step that is entering parenthood, why not going on a babymoon to relax and reconnect as a couple? Ilonka Molijn, founder of BabyMoon travel agency tells us more about this big trend in the US that is becoming more and more popular in Europe.


What is a “Babymoon”?

IM – The term babymoon comes from a contraction between “Baby” and “Honey Moon”. It is a romantic vacation taken by expecting couples before the birth of their baby, preferably in the 2nd trimester. The concept was born in the US early 2005 and became very popular when American celebrities started to go on babymoon, like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to the island of Curacao, or Kim Kardashian and Kayne West in Paris. The trend has now arrived in Europe: seven-months-pregnant Kate Middleton enjoyed a second babymoon with her husband, son and family on the exclusive resort island of Mustique. I wish the babymoon concept existed when I was pregnant myself in 2004 and 2006!


When did you decide to create Baby Moon travel agency?  

IM – I created BabyMoon at the end of 2006, inspired by my passion for luxury hotels. It was the first travel agency offering babymoon packages specifically designed for expecting couples. Today, our website is visited by couples from all around the globe and our main customers in Europe are from the UK and Germany. The most popular destinations in Europe are Paris, the Italian Amalfi Coast, Amsterdam and Marbella in Spain and the packages often include a SPA treatment for the mother to be and some pre-natal shopping for the baby!


What would be your advice to parents-to-be that are planning their babymoon?

IM – Before going there are some precautions to take: discuss the risks with your obstetrician and choose the right time (between the 18 and 24 weeks is the safest time according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), check airlines policy and avoid to areas where malaria and yellow fever occurs (Central and South America and parts of equatorial Africa).
And then, enjoy your babymoon! Prenatal quality time is very good for future parents’ relationship. They take time for each other away from daily distractions, they talk together about baby names and share their dreams about their new baby. Apparently, it might decrease the risk of “baby clash” after the baby is born! Surprisingly, it is not only romantic but also healthy: when the mother-to-be relaxes and rests her stress level reduces which is also good for the healthy growth of her baby!


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